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Bardo Palace, Tunisian Chamber of Deputies, Photo: Wikipedia
Assessing Tunisia's New Constitution
On 26 January 2014, the Constitutional Assembly of Tunisia adopted a new Constitution in the heartland of the “Arab Spring”: An overwhelming majority of 200 votes backed the draft while only 12 votes rejected it. This vote in favour meant that a referendum on the constitution...
Activists of the Initiative for More Democracy in South Tyrol
Stephan versus Goliath in South Tyrol
The “Initiative für Mehr Demokratie” (Initiative for More Democracy) in South Tyrol ran a successful campaign for citizen-friendly direct democracy and against the South Tyrolan’s People Party (SVP) that was intending to introduce flawed rules of citizen participation. Read the...
The logo of the ECI "Let me vote"
ECI “Let me vote” – let us win!
Until today the more than 500 million citizens of the EU had the chance to sign the European Citizens’ Initiative “Let me vote”. The petition aims at providing EU citizens with the right to also participate at regional and national level in their country of residence. – Right...
The Aquila Rapax, often spotted in Malta. Photo: Frank Vincentz, Wikimedia
Spring Hunting in Malta and Citizens’ Call to Arms
In the small island-state of Malta, member state of the European Union since 2005, shooting birds in spring is legal – and highly contested by Malta’s 400.000 inhabitants. Right now a coalition of environmentalists collected enough signatures to hold a referendum on spring...
Tarek Bouakaz
"There is a lot to learn"
Tarek Bouakaz lives in the city of Batna, Algeria. He is one of the first people who signed up for the Danube Democracy Rally, to take place from 1 to 9 April 2014 through Austria, Slovakia and Hungary. We had the chance to speak to Tarek on the phone enquiring why he registered...
The campaign poster of the citizens' intiative in Berlin
Berliners want better rules for referenda
50 per cent of Berlin’s citizens want a law that stipulates to hold referenda on the same day as general elections in the city of Berlin. Also, most Berliners (66%) do not approve the fact that the city government had chosen another date for the referendum on re-communalising...
Democracy Actions 2013
We hope the new year has started well for you. We wish you all the best for 2014!
In good hands? Germany after the general elections
Following the federal elections in Germany on 22 September 2013, coalition talks are slowly getting underway. For democracy activists, Friday 27 of September was a day to call for the introduction of the referendum at national level with a special action in front of the...
“Direct Democracy is the best cure for our society"
Georgeta Ionescu, a long-time environmentalist and political activist, fights against fracking, a new technology to win energy. Ms Inonescu is one of the founding members of the democracy group in Romania founded in July this year. We had the chance to speak to Georgeta Inonescu...
Sofia city council rejects referendum on ending contract with"Sofia water"
A citizens’ initiative against private water supply in Bulgaria’s capital Sofia was stopped on 5th September this year when the municipal council rejected a referendum calling for ceasing the city’s concession agreement with the private company “Sofia Water”, which is under...


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