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The participants of the Danube Democracy Rally in Bratislava
Danube Democracy Diary: Second Stop Bratislava
Our democracy friends of the civic association "Direct democracy" (OzPD) cordially welcomed us in Slovakia's capital. On our agenda were a big democracy conference in the Slovak parliament, a visit to the historic town hall, presentations by campaigners and the general assembly.
The participants of the Danube Democracy Rally in front of the Austrian parliament in  Vienna
Danube Democracy Diary: First Stop Vienna
On first April more than 50 democracy activists from as diverse countries as India, USA and Bulgaria came together in Vienna to join the Danube Democracy Rally. Our aim is to learn from each other, to deepen our knowledge on direct democracy and also to have fun together while...
An old envelope with the heading: Top secret. Photo by Nina M., Flickr
“Knowledge is power” - Austria towards more transparency
As power derives from the people in a democracy, citizens also should have control over governmental information. On Wednesday, 19 March 2014, our campaigner Daniel Lentfer held a speech in Vienna at the association of Austrian cities (“Österreichischer Städtebund”) in order to...
Empowering citizens through technology in Colombia
Ahead of the Presidential elections that will take place in Columbia on 14 May 2014, we talked to  Renny Rueda Castañeda from Ecodemocracy, a civil society organisation that advocates direct democracy and more citizen participation through technological means in Columbia and in...
The logo of the ECI "Water is a human right"
EU Commission responds to ECI "Right2Water"
The European Commission today presented its official conclusion on how to proceed with the European Citizens’ Initiative (ECI) “Water is a Human Right”, the first ECI ever that qualified for submission to the European Commission. Speaking on behalf of the EU’s executive body, EU...
Rockstar Bono of U2 at the Congress of Europe's Conservatives (Source: EPP, Flickr)
Rockstar Bono stands out at EPP Congress
From 6 to 7th March 2014 the European People’s Party (EPP), the conservative party family of the EU, held a Congress in Dublin to discuss their European agenda and to elect the top candidate for the next European elections.

Armin Steuernagel, in charge of leading...
Dr. Zoltán Pállinger
Direct Democracy in Hungary: "A sad topic"
The next parliamentary elections will be held in Hungary on 6 April 2014. Dr. Zoltán Tibor Pállinger, Professor at the Andrássy University of Budapest, explains the new electoral system and the issues at stake when 8 million registered Hungarians will cast their vote. Just one...
Party of European Socialists meeting in Palazzi dei Congressi in Rome
Congress of European Socialists: What's new?
The President of the Party of European Socialists (PES) Hannes Swoboda had invited Sophie von Hatzfeldt and Daniel Lentfer, both working for Democracy International’s campaign team “Democratic Europe Now”, to join the party’s Congress in Rome. They accepted the invitation and...
Democracy in Ukraine on the Horizon?
After weeks of protests in Kiev and other parts of the country, democratic norms could  finally become a reality for Ukrainians – Elections will be held in May this year.
Clivia Conrad and Erhard Ott of the German trade union ver.di follows the hearing
“Please act, Commission!“
“Right2water” is the first European Citizens’ Initiative (ECI) in history that has been subject to a hearing at the European Parliament in Brussels. The initiative had fulfilled all the requirements as it had collected more than 1,8 million signatures in thirteen EU Member...


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