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People commemorating Jasmine Revolution in Tunis on 14 January 2015
‘Democratic decentralisation’ theme of Global Forum
Preparations of the Global Forum on Modern Direct Democracy to take place from 14 – 17 May 2015 in Tunis are moving ahead. Democracy International met with key players of Tunisian civil society and academia in Tunisia’s capital last week Preparations of the Global Forum on...
2015 could bring new same-sex legislation, Photo by Quinn Dombrowski, Wikimedia Commons
2015: What kind of Europe? What kind of democracy?
Last year more people were able to participate in elections and referendums across the globe than ever before. But this year a series of popular votes will offer answers to key questions about the future of Europe and its severely challenged democracies. A preview.
The panel of the ECI Conference in Brussels on 10 December 2014
The ECI - dead without reforms?
The European Citizens’ Initiative (ECI) is a phenomenal tool of transnational direct democracy, allowing citizens to directly influence agenda-setting in the EU. It is the voice of civil society in Europe, and has been used to launch political debate on a great diversity of...
Protests against TTIP in Berlin, Image: Mehr Demokratie e.V.
European Citizens' Initiatives: what next?
A recent citizens’ initiative allows Europeans to participate in political decision-making in Brussels – a tool they have used over 50 times in the past few years. The latest on the list is an initiative against the free trade agreement with the US causing headaches on all sides...
Democracy International joins European Movement
On the occasion of its federal assembly in Rome on 28 November 2014, the European Movement International unanimously adopted Democracy International’s membership application. Hence, Democracy International now is a member of the European-wide network that advocates a more...
Student Joshua Wong leads the protests in Hong Kong (Source: Wikipedia)
Hong Kong: Democratic protests escalate
On 25 and 26 November 2014, the police in Hong Kong arrested more than 140 democratic activists, who were protesting for universal suffrage and the possibility to elect the Chief Executive of the special administrative region.
Women in Missouri about to count the votes on Election Day 2014
USA: A Super size Democracy?!
It's not just a cliché: In the United States everything is huge: The width of the streets, the portions of food and the vastness of the landscape. After travelling Kansas, Missouri, Arkansas and Louisiana from 3 to 9 November on the occasion of US Election Day 2014, we need to...
Paul Jacob of Citizens in Charge
On ballot measures in Bill Clinton's home state
Arkansas is neither vibrant New York nor sunny California. Located in the South-Mid of the US, Arkansas is average: the state ranks 32nd in terms of population and 29th in geographical size. At the same time, the "Natural State" has produced extraordinary figures: Bill Clinton (...
Dr. Edgardo Condeza
"Chile is only half of a democracy"
Dr. Edgardo Condeza is a Chilean scholar, and the founder and president of Movimiento por la Consulta y los Derechos Ciudadanos, an organisation which promotes direct democracy in Chile. From his extensive biography we should highlight his activism on environmental topics; as...
Joe Mathews
"Direct democracy is like Dynamite"
We had the opportunity to interview Joe Mathews, co-organiser of Democracy International's upcoming "Big River of Democracy Tour" through the US States Kansas, Missouri, Arkansas and Louisiana in November 2014. Joe Mathews is a board member of Democracy International and a...


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