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Klaus Hofmann

Klaus Hofmann, Academic Adviser


+49 221 669 665 33


The Navigator to Direct Democracy features direct democracy procedures and practices worldwide. It is a global information and collaboration platform based on the general typology of modern direct democracy. 




The Navigator allows users to navigate the different direct democracy instruments in place around the world and to comare them with each other: the initiative, referendum and plebiscite. It contains ten different forms of procedure.

The idea of the Navigator World Map is simple and straightforward: Use the cursor and move it across the world map to any place you choose.

With a click on the mouse you will get reliable information about the status of direct democracy in that particular place. You will find information about the procedures (initiatives, referendums, plebiscites) available on different political levels and their practical implementation here.

The Navigator is an ongoing project by Dr. Klaus Hofmann, a member of Democracy International, who adds new cases constantly. Dr. Hofmann works as an academic scientist in the office of Democracy International and Mehr Demokratie in Cologne, Germany.

Access the navigator:

Website Navigator to Direct Democracy




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