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Board re-elected at General Assembly 2015

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The general assembly took place in the auditorium of INAT, Carthage University

Board re-elected at General Assembly 2015


On the occasion of the Global Forum on Modern Direct Democracy held in Tunis from 14 to 17 May 2015, Democracy International held a general assembly on 16 May 2015. The event was the fourth general assembly in the history of Democracy International as a registered assocation. The board was re-elected. Also, participants (members and non-members alike) engaged in workshop sessions.

The board, which had been newly constituted at Democracy International's general assembly in Bratislava on 9 April 2014, was completely re-elected.

The members of Democracy International's board are:

  • Daniela Bozhinova from Bulgaria
  • Gerald Häfner, Germany
  • Bruno Kaufmann, Switzerland/ Sweden
  • Joe Mathews, USA
  • Erwin Mayer, Austria
  • Suresh Nautiyal, India
  • Arjen Nijeboer, the Netherlands
  • Rafael Pinero, Uruguay
  • Prof. Jung-OK Lee, South Korea
  • Daniel Schily, Germany

Also, Democracy International members confirmed the budget for 2015 that the Board and the Council had previously approved.

Following the formal part, the participants of the general assembly broke into four workshop sessions to discuss the future of Democracy International, engaging young people in the European project, building relationships with Tunisia and communicating Democracy International globally. Below you find a transscript of the outcomes of the workshop sessions.



Board members presented

Daniela Bozhinova
Daniela Bozhinova lives in Burgas, Bulgaria. She is the chairperson of the Bulgarian Association for the Promotion of Citizens Initiatives.  
Gerald Häfner is one of the key people who founded Democracy International e.V. as a registered association in June 2011. Gerald Häfner is one of...
Bruno Kaufmann
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Interview with Erwin Mayer, Board Member of Democracy International
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Our board member Suresh Nautiyal from New Dehli, India. He is a senior journalist, campaigner and human rights activist. What is our motivation? In...
Arjen Nijeboer
We have interviewed Arjen Nijeboer, spokesperson of Meer Democratie in the Netherlands, in his attitudes towards direct democracy. This is the...
Rafael Pineiro, Board Member of Democracy International
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Prof. Jung-OK Lee
What is our motivation? In this series of interviews, our board members present their ideas of direct democracy and the development of Europe's...
Daniel Schily
What is our motivation? In this series of interviews, our board members present their ideas of direct democracy and the development of Europe's...


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