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Hungary was and still is among the few countries in which people can initiate a referendum from below. The government has changed the constitution of 1990 in 2011 and with this also the rules of initiatives. What has changed and what are the consequences? The FIDESZ Party...
La nouvelle constitution du Chili : l’avenir incertain du pays
Quand les manifestations de 2019 suite à l’augmentation du prix des tickets de métro ont escaladé en un mouvement plus large contre la constitution du pays, le Chili a entamé un processus long et complexe de réforme de son système politique. En 2020, les chilien.ne.s ont...
Chiles neue Verfassung: Ein unsicherer Weg in die Zukunft des Landes
Als sich 2019 die Proteste gegen die geplante Preiserhöhung im öffentlichen Nahverkehr zu einer größeren Bewegung für die Verfassung des Landes ausweiteten, begann in Chile ein langer und komplizierter Weg zur Veränderung des politischen Systems. Im Jahr 2020 stimmten die Chilen...
Chile’s new constitution: An unstable path to the countries future
When in 2019, protests following proposed rises in subway fairs escalated into a broader movement about the country’s constitution, Chile began its long and complicated path towards changing its political system. In 2020, with a voter turnout of almost 50%, Chileans voted...
Copyright picture: Diego Correa (CC BY 2.0), https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/2.0/
Since October, Chile has seen tremendous social uprising across the country. What started as a protest about rising fares for the subway quickly grew into a broader protest about inequality and political exclusion. The situation even led into a 10-day long state of emergency,...
Bardo Palace, Tunisian Chamber of Deputies, Photo: Wikipedia
On 26 January 2014, the Constitutional Assembly of Tunisia adopted a new Constitution in the heartland of the “Arab Spring”: An overwhelming majority of 200 votes backed the draft while only 12 votes rejected it. This vote in favour meant that a referendum on the constitution...
In the evening of Wednesday, 15 August 2012, I sit down with Sarra after a full day of discussions at the youth congress “Democracy in Motion” taking place in an old, remodeled farm in the countryside close to Hanover, Germany. Sarra is 21 years old and from Féz in Morocco. She...
 As an exercise to modernise Ireland’s constitution, the constitutional convention met in Dublin on 13 and 14 April 2013 to discuss the introduction of same-sex-marriage in the Republic of Ireland. At the end of the weekend meeting the members, 100 Irish citizens and...
On Saturday, 10 November 2012, Ireland’s three million registered voters are called to decide whether to amend the Irish constitution and to grant more rights to the child. Last week the Irish Government published the wording of Ireland’s 31st constitutional amendment, which...
Council of Europe's Venice Commission comments on direct democracy enshrined in draft constitution As Iceland Review Online reports on 19 February 2013, the Icelandic parliament Alþingi’s Constitutional and Supervisory Committee decided to make some of the amendments proposed...


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