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Participants of the Global Forum 2015
More than 400 people from all over the world participated in the Global Forum on Modern Direct Democracy that took place from 14 to 17 May 2015 in Tunis, Tunisia. At the end of the world's biggest conference on direct and participatory democracy, the participants commonly...
March in Tunis on 14 January 2015 to commemorate Jasmine Revolution
Four years after the Jasmin revolution Tunisia has a new modern constitution, a freely elected parliament and a president – and since a few days  also a new coalition-government. The next step for the “Arab world’s first modern democracy” is to decentralize the state – by active...
Tunisie : Un démi-tour pour la démocratie
Autrefois perçue comme la seule démocratie à être née des manifestations de masse du printemps arabe de 2011, la Tunisie fait aujourd’hui face à des reculs importants dans son ascension à la démocratie. Lors d’un référendum le 16 août, la Tunisie a adopté une nouvelle...
Tunesien: Abkehr von der Demokratie
Tunesien, das einst als einzige Demokratie galt, die aus den Massenprotesten des Arabischen Frühlings im Jahr 2011 hervorging, muss nun erhebliche Rückschläge auf seinem Weg zur Demokratie hinnehmen. In einem Referendum am 16. August nahm Tunesien eine neue Verfassung an, mit...
Once regarded as the sole democracy that has emerged from the mass protests of the Arab Spring in 2011, Tunisia is now experiencing extensive setbacks in its path to democracy. In a referendum on August 16th Tunisia adopted a new constitution implementing a presidential system...
The twins Sana and Lamia
A revolution, a deposed despot, a fifth anniversary, twins, four agile thumbs, eight languages. These are the ingredients of the following story about Sana and Lamia Noumi from Tunisia. These inseparable, 25-year old students of literature symbolize the roughly seven million...
Ms Labidi of the political party Ennahdha
Political decentralisation was one of the most important achievements of the revolution in Tunisia that launched the Arab Spring. The question of how this goal can be accomplished was debated at the recent Global Forum on...
Ghofran Ounissi
26-year-old Ghofran Ounissi is one of the participants of the Global Forum. Born in Tunisia, she grew up in Paris from the age of three years onwards as her parents, both political activists, were exiled to France as political refugees at the beginning of the Ben-Ali...
The banner of the Global Forum on Modern Direct Democracy
Follow live the Global Forum via the Live Streaming or Social Wall provided by our media partner, or via Democracy International's Facebook Channel. Tune in and join us in Tunis!     
Andreas Mueller and Bruno Kaufmann (right) preparing the Global Forum on Modern Direct Democracy
The devastating terrorist attacks on Tunisia’s National Museum on March 18 have not deterred us from putting on the Global Forum on Modern Direct Democracy to take place in Tunis from 14 to 17 May 2015. To the contrary, since the attacks, citizens, NGOs, media and governments...


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