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Event in Ljubljana, Slovenia on European Democracy

6th Citizens' Panel in Ljubljana

Parliament for the Future of Europe

Ljubljana, Slovenia – 14 March 2024

The Parliament for the Future of Europe is our take on the Conference for the Future of Europe. Our aim is to bring together a diverse group of people from marginalized and underrepresented groups to the center of the debate. With our six partners we bring participants all across Europe to discuss and scrutinize the proposals of the historic Conference on the Future of Europe and reshape them to be more inclusive and meet the needs of vulnerable communities. Our 6th and last Citizen Panel will be hosted by the Peace Institute in Ljubljana, Slovenia on 14 March 2024 where we will be looking at European Democracy.

The Conference recommendations on European Democracy begin on page 79 and will serve as the basis for the discussions.

For questions, please contact our project manager, Daniela Vancic, vancic@democracy-international.org

For questions regarding this specific event, please contact Tjaša Turnšek, who will also serve as Awareness Representative, at tjasa.turnsek@mirovni-institut.si

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