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Liam McArthur points out where he lives on the Orkney Islands
On 18 September 2014, Scottish citizens will vote in a referendum on whether Scotland should become an independent state. Our board member Bruno Kaufmann has travelled to Kirkwall, the Capital of the Orkney Islands and met with Liam McArthur, member for Orkney at the Scottish...
Photo courtesy of @kikkerdirk from Canva Pro
En 1998, avec le Scotland Act, le Parlement du Royaume-Uni a créé le Parlement écossais moderne. En établissant la compétence législative du gouvernement écossais, il a permis un certain niveau d'auto-gouvernance et d'autonomie grâce aux pouvoirs dévolus. Ceux-ci sont toutefois...
Photo courtesy of @kikkerdirk from Canva Pro
1998 schuf das Parlament des Vereinigten Königreichs mit dem Scotland Act das moderne schottische Parlament. Es legte die Gesetzgebungskompetenz der schottischen Regierung fest und ermöglichte dem Land ein gewisses Maß an Selbstverwaltung und Autonomie durch übertragene...
Photo courtesy of @kikkerdirk from Canva Pro
In 1998, with the Scotland Act, the Parliament of the United Kingdom established the modern Scottish Parliament. Setting the legislative competence of the Scottish government, it allowed for certain level of self-governance and autonomy by devolved powers. Those are, however,...
The flag of Scotland
The referendum in Scotland on 18 September 2014 is an exemplary model of how to deal with the process of separation. This is the result of an assessment by Democracy International, which has analysed the Scottish case by elaborating the three main challenges independence...
Scotland, Independence, Referendum
Kate Forsyth, is a 24 year-old research psychologist who recently graduated from the University of Glasgow. She shares with us her personal views on Scottish independence ahead of the referendum to take place in Scotland on 18 September 2014.
John D Wright at home in Perthshire, Scotland

John D Wright is a British Oxford graduate, who teaches Latin, Classical Greek and Ancient History at the Glenalmond College in Perthshire, Scotland. His educational achievements in several countries like the United States and Italy shaped his life. The 64 year-old academic...
Marcus Buit
Marcus Buist, a 19-year-old man from Scotland, shares his opinion about the upcoming independence referendum with our intern Nimet Karavelioglu. The young man will be studying Ancient History, International Relations and Philosophy at St.Andrews. This is the first of a series of...

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