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In 2021, Democracy International will be part of the ASA Volunteer Program for the first time!

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In 2021, Democracy International will be part of the ASA Volunteer Program for the first time!


In 2021, Democracy International will be part of the ASA Volunteer Program for the first time! Funded by the German Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development, ASA is one of the most renowned volunteer programs in Germany. We are very happy that our European Public Sphere has been selected as a project!

As part of ASA, four young professionals from Germany and Ukraine organize digital dome talks for six months. The talks will focus on the topics of European integration, democracy and the environment. In order to reach our goals, we are supported by the two partner institutions Change Communications and National Ecological Centre of Ukraine from Kiev. The basis for the cooperation of our German-Ukrainian team is a common understanding of the need for a visible European dialog. 


Besides the European Public Sphere project, the participants attend three ASA seminars in English. Here they discuss and develop technical and methodological skills in the field of development policy as well as social and personal skills. At the same time, they explore their own role within global contexts.

These are our great volunteers:



Hi, I’m Regine. I’m currently studying political science (M.A.) at Regensburg University. Before, I studied political science and Arabic studies in Heidelberg. Since my volunteer service in Kyiv 2014-2015 I’m especially interested in Eastern Europe and post-communist states. I’m really looking forward to digitally implement the European Public Sphere Concept in Ukraine together with the other interns and professionals from Democracy International, NECU, and Change Communications.

Katia Dobrovolska

Hello everybody! My name is Katia Dobrovolska and I am from Kyiv, Ukraine. I am on the first year of my Masters program in Geoglobalistics and Regional Studies at the KNU. I am also an active member of the Ukrainian scientific youth organization NTSA. I am eager to contribute my organizational skills and experience in the field of sustainability to the project’s efficiency, promoting the achievement of sustainable development goals! 

Josephine Schnee

“Only the people can change and enrich things in the institutions and transmit them to future generations” said Jean Monnet and I very much agree, especially when it comes to the future of Europe.

My name is Josephine Schnee and I am a part of the team organising the project Ukrainian Vibes – European Public Sphere. With a background as a political science student of Bonn  University and an intern with Democracy International the project came to me naturally. I am very much looking forward to combining the goals of the European Public Sphere and the 2030 Agenda to create added value in terms of more direct democracy, sustainable development and European integration.


Yuliia Khrystynchenko

 «Save our planet together» - is my motto. My name is Yuliia Khrystynchenko I am from Kyiv, Ukraine. I have successfully defended my master’s thesis in Kyiv National Aviation University. My speciality is Ecology and Environmental protection. My professional qualification is – environmentalist, expert in environment. I am also a member of non-governmental organization - National Ecological Center of Ukraine. My aim is to contribute to share knowledge and adopt experience in the field of environment and environmental protection.




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