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”It would be crazy to walk away from Europe”

John Edward interviewed by Bruno Kaufmann

”It would be crazy to walk away from Europe”


The UK campaign ”Stronger-In-Europe” hopes to win the June 23 Brexit referendum on a positive message, says its campaign spokesperson in Scotland John Edward in an interview with Bruno Kaufmann, board member of Democracy International and people2power-editor.


John Edward has been working as a ”Scot in Europe” and a ”European in Scotland” for more than 15 years. Most recently he has been directing the European Parliament office in Edinburgh and chairs now a school charity. In an interview with Bruno Kaufmann  on the eve of the Scottish parliament elections, Edward offers an insight into the tactics of his campaign, which only partly differs from the overall UK campaign to remain in the European Union. Listen below to the full interview with John Edward.

Some abstracts from the interview:

”We have learnt a lot from recent referendum campaigns in Ireland on same-sex marriage and the Scottish independence vote in 2014”, John Edward acknowledges.
In contrast to the more polarized debates further south in England, the ”Scotland-stronger-in-Europe” will try to win the vote on a positive message. ”We have to explain all the benefits and networks EU membership offers”, says Edward, while remarking that ”walking away from all this would just be crazy”.

Scotland, with 5,3 million people, differs substantially from the rest of the UK; here no political party in the national parliament supports leaving the EU. And it could be that  a that a clear majority vote for "Remain"  in Scotland could tip the overall vote towards the pro-side.

”That would make me very proud”, Edward admits, while a ”no-majority would make me think to leave this country.”

This interview was was published first by our media partner,  here.

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