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Stories from around the globe


So many people around the world are working daily to make their communities more democratic and to give citizens a seat at the decision-making table. Now, Democracy International is launching an exciting new project to reinforce networking and collaboration between these countless initiatives.

But to achieve this, we need you. Donate now to help us build a global democracy online community.

Once a year, we get the chance to meet hundreds of democracy experts and activists from around the world at the Global Forum on Modern Direct Democracy. This three-day meeting is packed with impassioned discussions, new know-how and inspiring insight into others' activities.

At the Global Forum this year, we were fortunate enough to meet more than 400 people from around the globe, with diverse stories, exciting projects and a lot of motivation to strengthen our democracies. But meeting once a year is not enough – a recurring ask we encounter at the Global Forum, or any other meeting with people working on direct democracy, is that we need more! More chances to exchange, more sharing of experience, more possibilities to work together. That is why Democracy International is developing a new online platform for democracy activists worldwide.

This community platform will gather the latest information on direct democracy, it will allow you to look up organisations near you, events on direct democracy and read stories from experts and activists around the world. Users will also be able to make their own individual profile or for their organization, to present their work, promote their event or even raise funds for their projects. We are currently intensively working on this platform and hope to launch it early next year.

Do you want to help us build the Global Democracy Online Community? Donate now!

We don’t want to wait until next year to share stories from our direct democracy community with you. We have met so many inspiring people in the last months, we already want to present some of them to you here.


Meet Adejare Somorin, President of the International Initiative for Peace, a Nigerian organisation that works to promote peace, democracy and rule of law.


Maki Toyama runs her own Youtube channel on direct democracy, called People Power, in Japan.


Anders Nordh works for the Swedish Association for Municipalities and Regions, an organisation that helps municipalities develop more citizen participation.

From early next year on, you will be able to find like-minded people on your continent and around the world – not only Anders, Maki and Adejare but also Alex from Germany, Suresh from India and Mehdi from Tunisia. Spot advocates in your area, stay updated on thrilling projects and news from the world of direct democracy. Consult other experts, solicit financial support or donate to your favorite initiative!

The preparations are completed, the concept is ready. We are motivated to finally get started.

Now we need your help

To program the website, we must collect 11.000€. We have already been able to raise 75%, hence 8.250€, through donations. 2.750€ are still missing. Please donate now to make the Online Community possible. 

Join us now and help construct a new infrastructure for democracy actives around the world.

Thank you very much, ありがとう, na gode, tack!

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