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Special World Cup Information

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Special World Cup Information


As we count down the final hours before the start of the fifa world cup, the whole world is in a feverish state of excitement – and our office in Cologne also.

While discussing all sorts of questions concerning the fitness level of the teams, the tactic to be applied and the big opening ceremony in São Paulo tonight, one important issue must not be missing: the social protests against the massive costs of the tournament, ongoing in Brazil. 

In this latter context the question arises: Which instruments of direct democracy do exist in Brazil to channel social protests into better law and legislation?

Actually, at national level in Brazil there is the agenda-setting initiative. Signatures are required from one per cent of the Brazilian electorate to suggest a legislative measure to the Brazilian parliament. At the same time a geographical quorum applies: The collected signatures need to come from at least five states, representing at least 0,3 per cent of all voters of this state (Overall, Brazil has 24 states).

Even though an agenda-setting initiative does not oblige the Brazilian parliament to act, there is one successful case. The initiative "Movement to Combat Electoral Corruption" (MCCE) of 2010 resulted in the following law: Since 2010 politicians cannot run for an election for a period of eight years, who were impeached, resigned ahead of an impeachment process or who are convicted of a crime by a collective body.

So to answer our questions, few instruments of direct democracy exist in Brazil.

In case you wish to impress anybody while watching football, these are our exclusive democracy information for you.

Further Information:

Check out Brazil's direct democracy legislation here, by the Direct Democracy Navigator, a global information and collaboration platform, which is constantly researched and updated by our colleague Dr. Klaus Hofmann.

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Text by Cora Pfafferott



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