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Liechtenstein Institute reinforces the Direct Democracy Navigator

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Liechtenstein Institute reinforces the Direct Democracy Navigator


The Direct Democracy Navigator, a joint project by Democracy International and the Swiss Democracy Foundation has gained a new host organisation with the Liechtenstein Institute. With its long experience in democracy research, the Bendern-based Liechtenstein Institute brings a further academic reinforcement for the open-access direct democracy project, which is also supported by the Institute for Democracy and Participation Research at the University of Wuppertal.

The Direct Democracy Navigator platform ( aims to map and classify the formal diversity of direct democracy worldwide applying scientific standards. On an interactive world map, users can find the direct democracy instruments that are available in countries, regions and even cities. In over ten years of existence, the Direct Democracy Navigator has built an extensive database collecting the legal designs of close to 2000 initiative and referendum instruments worldwide. The Navigator has as its main mission to make this scientific research widely available and constitutes a unique open-access project.

„The simple idea behind our database is to provide a tool for citizens and experts alike. Everyone can use the database and look at what direct democracy possibilities exist in her or his country. But the Navigator also is an invaluable resource for academic research and so I am very much looking forward to working with Dr.Hornig and the Liechtenstein Institute to reinforce this axis," said Dr. Klaus Hofmann, who was previously managing the project alone, "This is the beginning of a new phase in the development of this project."

The Liechtenstein Institute was founded in 1986 and focuses on scientific research in the field of politics, law and history, with specific attention for direct and representative democracy.

"With the Navigator project, we are further expanding our expertise in the field of direct democracy and at the same time strengthening the Institute's international network," said Director Dr. Christian Frommelt, who is very pleased about the new cooperation. The partnership between the Liechtenstein Institute, Democracy International and the Swiss Democracy Foundation puts the Direct Democracy Navigator project at the junction of science and civil society.

Starting from the Navigator’s existing strengths, the project is to serve even more as a point of contact for research, civil society, politics and the media in the future. Central building blocks are the constant development of the data set, an increased knowledge transfer, and increased networking in the scientific community. Every two years, a major scientific conference is to be held at the Liechtenstein Institute. Visiting scholars are also to be invited to Liechtenstein for research stays.

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