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The Global forum on modern direct democracy goes online in 2020

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The Global forum on modern direct democracy goes online in 2020


This year the Forum will take place online, registrations are open on:

The Global Forum on Modern Direct Democracy is the largest gathering devoted to direct democracy worldwide. It favours a multidisciplinary approach, welcoming participants from academic, political and civil society perspectives. It is attended by activists, organisations and academics from all over the world. The goal is to bring together people with different experiences and backgrounds, so as to give activists and organisations the opportunity to share their insights and connect with others working on the same issues.

As the world faces a new challenge, governments have taken effective measures to address the pandemic. However, some measures have threatened the future of our democracies. How can we implement more direct democracy and citizen participation in our countries? How can we use the tools of direct democracy to call for more actions to save our planet?

Those questions will be raised from 21-29 September 2020 during the Online Forum on modern direct Democracy.

Due to the Coronavirus crisis all over the world, we have had to decide to postpone the Global Forum in Bern to spring 2021. But as the crisis raises concerns on the future of direct democracy worldwide, we decided to launch our first ever global forum in the cyberspace to exchange on the matter of Modern direct Democracies.

We have the privilege to invite you to join our 2020 Global Forum from the comfort of your home. It will be the most accessible Global Forum we have ever hosted.  The Global forum is a free and public event. You will have the opportunity to attend lectures, panels and workshops dedicated to Modern Direct Democracy. You can already register and connect with other participants on our International Democracy Community 

Since 2008, the Global Forum on Modern Direct Democracy aims to gather people from different backgrounds to share their input on the development of democracy. The forum is a participatory event to discuss on the topic of direct democracy and citizen participation. So we invite you to send us your input!

At the Online Forum on Modern Direct Democracy we will treat the 4 following thematic tracks:

  • Swiss direct democracy in practice: Switzerland is an international role model when it comes to direct democracy. Through lectures held by campaigners and administrators we will focus on what Switzerland can teach us and what it can still learn from the rest of the world.
  • The future of direct democracy: This track will look into the new tools of direct democracy and how they can contribute to making our voices heard.
  • Democracy in crisis: As our democracies are facing a new challenge, citizens are demanding for a bigger role in decision-making. This track will be dedicated to the impact of the pandemic on our democracies.
  • Climate, sustainability and Direct Democracy: Climate change is one of the most urgent challenges we collectively face. We will focus on which direct democracy tools can be used to call for actions from our governments. 

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