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Participants of the Study Tour - Photo by Jan Hagelstein
Ireland is perhaps one of the most publicised examples of the phenomenon of citizens’ assemblies, or randomly-selected citizens that deliberate important national issues. The Irish Citizens’ Assembly and its predecessor, the Constitutional Convention, have resulted in three...
A pro-choice protest in Ireland ahead of the referendum (CC: courtesy of William Murphy,
Le 25 mai, le peuple de la République d'Irlande a voté à une écrasante majorité en faveur de l'abrogation du 8ème amendement de la Constitution, qui prohibe l'avortement en toutes circonstances. Le vote a été salué comme un changement majeur dans la culture irlandaise et célébré...
A pro-choice protest in Ireland ahead of the referendum (CC: courtesy of William Murphy,
Am 25. Mai stimmte die Bevölkerung der Republik Irland mit überwältigender Mehrheit für die Aufhebung der achten Verfassungsänderung, die Abtreibung unter allen Umständen verbietet. Die Abstimmung wurde als tektonischer Wandel in der irischen Kultur begrüßt und als Sieg der...
A pro-choice protest in Ireland ahead of the referendum (CC: courtesy of William Murphy,
On 25 May, the people of the Republic of Ireland voted overwhelmingly to repeal the 8th amendment of the constitution, which effectively prohibits abortion under any circumstances. The vote was hailed as a tectonic shift in Irish culture and celebrated as a victory of citizen...
2015 could bring new same-sex legislation, Photo by Quinn Dombrowski, Wikimedia Commons
Hundreds of millions of citizens worldwide have been voting last weekend. While the ballot experiences as such were extremely varied (and sometimes deeply problematic), at least one referendum offered nothing less than a “social revolution”.
Rockstar Bono of U2 at the Congress of Europe's Conservatives (Source: EPP, Flickr)
From 6 to 7th March 2014 the European People’s Party (EPP), the conservative party family of the EU, held a Congress in Dublin to discuss their European agenda and to elect the top candidate for the next European elections.

Armin Steuernagel, in charge of leading...
 As an exercise to modernise Ireland’s constitution, the constitutional convention met in Dublin on 13 and 14 April 2013 to discuss the introduction of same-sex-marriage in the Republic of Ireland. At the end of the weekend meeting the members, 100 Irish citizens and...
On Saturday, 10 November 2012, Ireland’s three million registered voters are called to decide whether to amend the Irish constitution and to grant more rights to the child. Last week the Irish Government published the wording of Ireland’s 31st constitutional amendment, which...


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