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European Public Sphere travels to Eastern Europe

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European Public Sphere travels to Eastern Europe


The European Public Sphere is on tour again. This time we travel to Ukraine. As part of ASA, four young professionals from Germany and Ukraine will bring the tour to the virtual public sphere. It’s a joint project by Democracy International, Change Communication and the National Ecological Centre of Ukraine. The first stop is a four-part online workshop program for young people aged 14-21. Starting on 08 June 2021 the motto once a week is: “Let’s get together!”

You want to join? – That’s still possible!

Usually the European Public Sphere travels with its wooden dome to places all over Europe, inviting civil society to come together and discuss the future of Europe. Since last year public life has been shut down due to the Covid-19 pandemic and open discussion moved from the streets to the virtual space.

To continue the discussion about our future of Europe we have been carrying on the European Public Sphere projects in virtual form for some time now. Therefore, we are also implementing the Ukrainian Vibes-Tour in a digital format. This gives us the opportunity to involve people from all over the world and to give their voices a stage.

The Ukrainian Vibes-Tour will run until September/October 2021. Our first stop on the tour is a four-part workshop program, in which the participants (14-21 years old) will exchange ideas and knowledge on topics such as Democracy, Sustainability, Environmental Consciousness and European Integration. But while discussing these subjects we keep our goal for the future in mind: A united, sustainable Europe, supported by active citizens.

Each of the four sessions has a specific topic (e.g. democracy) and will be accompanied by experts who work in the respective field. We also receive additional support from the Junior Academy of Sciences of Ukraine. The participants have the unique opportunity to network in an international group to connect and share their ideas, exchange thoughts, as well as ask questions to the experts.


You can join! We are still looking for participants aged 14-21! Register and become a part of the tour!  

Raise your voice and we will bring your ideas to the Conference on the Future of Europe: You will not only have the opportunity to exchange your thoughts with other participants, gain new insights and deepen your knowledge. But we will also submit your ideas to the Conference on the Future of Europe.

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Info box ASA volunteer program:    
Funded by the German Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development, ASA is one of the most renowned volunteer programs in Germany. The program encourages young people from the whole world to understand global contexts and engage for sustainable development and a just world. 

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