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Democracy International Conference in Brussels

Democracy International Conference in Brussels


On November 26th and 27th people from all over the world and from a variety of organizations met in Brussels with the purpose of unifying their efforts to develop, foster, strengthen and advance direct democracy and citizens’ participation on the local, national, regional, transnational and global level. 

We have decided to unify our efforts under the name of “Democracy International” and hereby declare that: 

With the fall of the iron curtain and the end of the conflict between East and West, democracy and human rights have spread throughout Europe and other regions of the planet. Yet, in many parts of the world people are still struggling for their basic democratic rights. At the same time, established democratic institutions suffer from a massive loss of credibility. Fewer and fewer people believe in the capacity of politicians and elected officials to tackle and solve the major problems – such as climate change, the world‘s financial system, social welfare and economic inequality. Their call for a widening and renewal of the traditional democratic system cannot be ignored.

With the foundation of the global movement „Democracy International“ we accept the challenge from the citizens to build and strengthen direct democracy and citizen participation on all levels, may it be local, sub-national, national, regional, transnational or global. We declare that we, the citizens, have the power, the right but also the duty to improve our own democracies. From this day on it is our turn to organize ourselves as democratic activists, to overcome the unjust powers and to enhance the participation of everybody in the decision making process.

The economic world and especially the financial markets have not operated within national borders for a very long time. There is already a globalization of vital decision-making that is decisively non-democratic. We demand a globalization of democracy and a democratization of the transnational decision making process. Without strengthening the democratic rights and procedures on the transnational level, the internationalization of politics can lead to an erosion of democracy on all levels. We therefore demand direct democratic participation and citizens‘ rights on all governmental levels.

We are confident that direct democracy is contagiousand unifying. Over all language, cultural and special interest barriers citizens can find common ground through democratic principles and institutions. We strongly believe that mutual help and assistance is vital to cultivate healthy democratic rights and institutions.

We are individual citizens, founders and members of democracy initiatives and organizations from many countries and continents. We hereby unify our efforts under the name „Democracy International“ to pursue, develop and reach these goals. Democracy International is a transnational movement where every person who is in agreement with these principles can become a member.

Democracy Initiatives, Groups and Organizations as well as individuals can all become members of Democracy International. All of these entities have a space, have rights and a mission within this new democracy movement. Our goal is to bring together those that want to be actively involved in developing and expanding civic engagement and direct democratic participation on all levels. We intend to offer all of the members a platform for mutual stimulation, support and real collaboration.

All future developments shall be decided through a Steering Committee that was elected during the Brussels conference. The Steering Committee is specifically in charge of drawing up an operational plan for the organization. The Steering Committee as well as the founding members shall discuss the future statutes of democracy international on the basis of the draft statutes which were presented to the inaugural meeting. The next meeting will take place within no more than eight months from the date of the inaugural meeting. At this meeting, the statutes shall be finally adopted.

The steering committee is empowered to make decisions in the name of Democracy International until the next meeting can be held.

A number of people and organizations that could not travel to the Brussels meeting have also expressed a strong interest in being part of Democracy International. The Steering Committee commits to be in touch with them and to inform them on the outcome of the Brussels conference. The Steering Committee will actively pursue contact with other organizations, groups and individuals so that they can join Democracy International.

Democracy International is transnational and non-partisan in nature. Democracy International is a non-for-profit organization that is focused on the improvement of the common good.

We hereby issue an open invitation to the people of the World to join Democracy International, so that we can strengthen democratic institutions and processes on the local, regional, national, transnational and global level, together.

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