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The long-awaited Conference on the Future of Europe officially launched on 9 May 2021, Europe Day, with the aim to reach out to every corner of Europe to collect and discuss citizens’ ideas on the Future of Europe. The Conference is an innovative and historic exercise in European democracy, with a final report to be drafted in spring 2022.

With the EU’s often-cited democratic deficit, recent democratic crises and a long-standing need for fundamental reform in mind, Democracy International strongly welcomes this initiative! However, ​as the flagship project of the Commission, it is imperative that citizens are at the center of the Conference, including in its design and agenda-setting phase. Above all, we need to make sure that the process leads to a meaningful and effective use of the results.

Democracy International recognises that the Conference should serve only as the first phase of a multiyear process of European democratic review and reform. The Conference should use its unique opportunity with citizens to review the extent of democratic reform that can take place under the current Treaties, and if necessary, propose suggestions for Treaty amendments.

The Conference however is not a Convention where Treaty amendments can take place. It is, however, a door to a Convention process. The Conference's aim is to make concrete proposals on the mid- and long-term goals of the European Union. Therefore, the Conference on the Future of Europe may evaluate the need for Treaty change, a Convention process according to Article 48 may be triggered in response. 

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