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Democracy International is looking for young, creative and interested people from around Europe to join a one-week action camp to support the campaign DEMOCRATIC EUROPE NOW for strengthening democracy in the EU. The event will take place in Brussels, Belgium from 3rd - 10 May 2014.

Date of Action Camp: 3rd (evening)  - 10th May 2014 (noon)
Location: Brussels, Belgium
Deadline for applications: 10th April 2014

We want you!
We are offering you the opportunity to join a fully funded one-week action camp from the 3rd to 10th May 2014 in Brussels, to support the campaign, to discuss with civil society organisations and politicians, and to meet young activists from all over Europe. The camp will include democracy workshops, trainings on persuasive speaking and campaigning, discussions with Members of the EU Parliament and European experts, networking opportunities, and the chance to work with peers from all around Europe on a great campaign.

What is Democratic Europe Now?
The campaign network of organisations and individuals from across Europe is fighting for more democracy in the EU. We demand changes that strengthen participatory democracy and the engagement of citizens in EU decision-making. We think that citizens should be more than mere spectators to the political process, and that EU policy-making must better respond to the citizens’ values, aspirations and needs, rather than only to the demands of the biggest political and economic players. The only way to truly attain democratic reforms in the EU Treaties and to trigger an open debate about Europe is through an EU Convention. That’s why the campaign is building up support around Europe and across the political spectrum to call for an EU Convention. And in order to make sure that the Convention is a real forum for democratic change and for an open debate between politicians, civil society and citizens, we are campaigning to ensure that the next Convention process is democratic, transparent and participatory.

The Action Camp
In order to bring the democracy issues onto the EU agenda and to generate support for our demands, we have contacted every candidate for the upcoming European Parliament elections. We have asked them to sign a pledge of support for a Convention that discusses democracy in the EU. Now we need to follow up with those candidates that are most likely to be elected, and convince them personally. Participants in the action camp will be calling high-profile candidates to talk about the importance of European democracy and an EU Convention and convince them to sign the pledge. Additionally, the action camp will include a busy programme of democracy, campaigning and rhetoric workshops; discussions with Members of the European Parliament and with EU experts; a tour of the European Parliament; getting to know Brussels‘ civil society landscape and lobbying industry; and networking
opportunities and social events.

All costs for your participation will be covered by Democracy International, including travel costs from your home country to Belgium, meals, travel expenses and accommodation in city-centered apartments in Brussels.

Contact us! We look forward to your application!
To apply, please fill out the application form and send it to us it by the 10th April 2014. We accept applications on a rolling basis and will inform successful applicants no later than the 15th of April.

Contact: Florian Kollewijn,, Tel: +49 17656573788.

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