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Take the initiative
TAKE THE INITIATIVE: the European Citizens’ Initiative as a tool to shape Europe
This event will bring insights on citizens-powered democracy to Vienna for a day of learning, connecting and debating around the European Citizens’ Initiative.
HausParlamente Ergebnisvorstellung
In diesem neuartigen Bürgerbeteiligungsprojekt, mit Unterstützung vom Institut für Europäische Politik und Democracy International, hat Pulse of Europe in Deutschland zwischen Juli und Ende September über 200 HausParlamente organisiert und haben mehr als 1000 Menschen sich...
IOPD Conference
IOPD 2018 Conference
The IOPD Conference is an annual event, with each edition being organised in a different IOPD member city. In this edition the host city is Barcelona. 
"The European Citizens' Initiative: Participation for all"
"The European Citizens' Initiative: Participation for all" - 20 November 2018 - ACTORE & Government and Law
Event of ACTORE, the interdisciplinary Jean Monnet Centre of Excellence at the University of Antwerp in cooperation with the Universty of Antwerp’s Research group on Government and Law
ECIT Summer University
ECIT Summer University 2018
ECIT Foundation is organising the third edition of the Summer University on European Citizenship, which will take place on 6th and 7th September 2018 at MAI in Brussels. This Summer University is not the usual European conference: there will be real content and more time for...
ECI Forum Webinar
ECI Forum Webinar: How to look for partners
The ECI Forum is hosting the second of a series of webinars during the second week of September 2018.
Home » Events » State of the Union… State of the Union Citizens’ Rights: Towards the European Elections 2019
State of the Union Citizens’ Rights: Towards the European Elections 2019
Freedom of movement is one of the most cherished fundamental freedoms of the European Union. Together with the right to political participation they constitute the main building blocks of the EU Citizenship. At the same time, political and civic participation of mobile EU...
Invitation General Assembly, 29 September 2018
INVITATION General Assembly 29 September 2018 02:30 pm - 06:00 pm Palazzo Senatorio Sala della Piccola Protomoteca Rome, Italy English version | German version | French version 
DemCon Ireland
Convention on the Future of Democracy
Ireland will be the epicentre of democratic innovation this summer with the World Democracy Convention, also known as DemCon, set to take place from July 18-20.
The European Public Sphere. Photo by Edda Dietrich.
The European Public Sphere travels Europe
A truly democratic Europe can only be built through open and inclusive debate with its citizens. The European Public Sphere, a joint project by Democracy International, IG-Eurovision, the ...



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