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Wij publiceren waarnemersrapporten over concrete referenda en we brengen verslagen uit over onze positie tegenover wat zich wereldwijd voordoet i.v.m. (directe) democratie.



Op deze bladzijde vind je al onze publicaties in chronologische volgorde. Je vindt in onze publicaties monitoringberichten, standpuntbepalingen (position papers), overzichtstabellen en boeken. Gebruik de filter hieronder om onze publicaties te doorzoeken.

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Position Paper
Republic or Ireland - towards more direct democracy?
Position Paper
The Brexit Referendum: Democratic Analysis and Criticism

This paper tackles issues surrounding the UK's referendum on EU membership on 23 June 2016. It discusses whether this particular form of direct democracy is a good thing, and what Brexit might mean for the EU's democratic development.

Position Paper
The Rule of Law - When is it Threatened?

It’s currently a hot topic: “The rule of law”. Many politicians and media commentators maintain that in view of current developments in such European states as Poland, Switzerland, France and Hungary, the rule of law is threatened and both it and...

Position Paper
Reform of the European Citizens' Initiative

The constitutional committee of the European Parliament (AFCO) has scheduled a decisive vote for Monday, 28 September 2015. In this session, the 49 members of this committee will vote on reform proposals that will be passed to full plenary vote...

Position Paper
The referendum in Poland on 6 September 2015

In this paper, Anna Rytel-Warzocha, a scholar of constitutional law in Poland, presents the history of the referendum and analyses the three questions at stake. Moreover, she sheds light on the controversial aspects of the referendum.


Position Paper
Challenging separation. Three main points processes towards independence have in common

The referendum in Scotland on 18 September 2014 is an exemplary model of how to deal with the process of separation. Democracy International analyses the Scottish case by elaborating the three main challenges independence referendums face.

Position Paper
ECI Support Centre. Improving the European Citizens Initiative

This paper published by the European Citizen Action Service (ECAS) in September 2013 describes the main obstacles and issues that ECI organisers face before and during the process of launching and implementing an ECI.

Position Paper
Tunisia’s New Constitution - An analysis of its legal design

On 26 January 2014, the Constitutional Assembly of Tunisia adopted a new Constitution. Our academic scientiest Dr. Klaus Hofmann has analysed the new legal text in view of its separation of powers and (direct) democracy.

Position Paper
Better direct democracy in Bulgaria - Will politicians listen to citizens' demands?

Ivailo Georgiev, member of Democracy International, sheds lights on the recent developments in Bulgaria and explains about the high thresholds that hinder Bulgarian citizens from effectively participating in direct law-making.

Position Paper
Mehr Demokratie in Europa durch einen europäischen Konvent

Democracy International, gemeinsam mit einem großen Bündnis von Partnerorganisationen, fordert in einer breit angelegten Kampagne einen europäischen Konvent ein.



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