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La coalición global por la democracia

Connecting with “Ecodemocracy” from Colombia

Connecting with “Ecodemocracy” from Colombia


On Thursday, 11 July 2013, Renny Rueda from Colombia visited the headquarters of Democracy International in Cologne, Germany. Renny Rueda is the founder of Ecodemocracy. He told Daniel Schily and Cora Pfafferott about the goals of his organisation that he established in 2012.

The work of Ecodemocracy is based on these three pillars:

1.       Inclusive Democracies – Political systems must offer citizens more than voting their representatives every five or four years. They must be enriched by direct, digital and deliberative forms of democracy.

2.      Scientific citizenship – The only way for societies to realise equality, justice and environmental peace is the promotion and education of scientific citizenship. It allows citizens to pursue knowledge and culture instead of market-oriented values.

3.      Political and economic symmetries of societies - Market oriented cultural values have diminished the capacity of new generations to understand global and local political realities. Phenomena such as violence, racism, inequality, crime and environmental destruction, incarceration, replicate in developed economies as well as in developing ones. They must be eradicated through inclusive forms of democracy.

Renny Rueda currently lives in Hamburg, Germany where he is doing a PhD on international economy and development. We wish him good luck with his studies and building his organisation. We look forward to collaborating with him in the future.  

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Text by Cora Pfafferott


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