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ECI Rescue Team
The European Citizens’ Initiative (ECI), the world’s first transnational direct-democratic instrument, is very much in the making. In spring at the annual ECI Day, the European Commission’s First Vice President Frans Timmermans announced a powerful revision process to improve...
An initial decision by the European Commission not to register an initiative against a free trade agreement between the EU and the US led to Europe-wide protests
It is a critical moment for modern democracy. In the months to come, the fate of the European Citizens’ Initiative (ECI) - the first tool of participatory and direct democracy at the transnational level - will be decided.
Stop Glyphosate ECI
On 3rd July the organisers of the European Citizens’ Initiative (ECI) “Stop Glyphosate” submitted more than one million signatures to the European Commission, making it the fourth successful ECI and the first successfully submitted ECI in over two years. The goal of the ECI is...
Lukas Wegmüller
The New European Movement of Switzerland is one of the few organisations defying the current political trend to promote an accession to the European Union of Switzerland and to push for concrete steps to make the EU much more democratic. Established in 1998, the ...
Commissioner Timmermans at ECI Day 2017, Photo: The ECI Campaign
Am 11. April 2017 hat die Europäische Kommission verkündet, die EU-Gesetze zu überarbeiten, die die Regeln der EU Bürgerinitiative bestimmen. Die Nachricht kam überraschend. Noch im Oktober 2016 hatte das höchste EU-Organ dem Druck von Democracy International und anderen...
Commissioner Timmermans at ECI Day 2017, Photo: The ECI Campaign
On 11 April 2017, in a rare moment of positive international news for more democracy, the European Commission declared to revise the EU legislation concerning the European Citizens’ Initiative (ECI). The announcement came after arduous campaigns by Democracy International and...
ECI Petition handover in Brussels, October 2016
Einen Tag bevor die EU-Kommission ihr Arbeitsprogramm für das Jahr 2017 vorstellt, haben die Organisationen Democracy International, Mehr Demokratie und The ECI Campaign in Brüssel 40.996 Unterschriften für eine Reform der Europäischen Bürgerinitiative (EBI) an Antoine Colombani...
Bruno Kaufmann and Michel Cermak "from Stop TTIP" (right) at ECI Conference in Brussels
Whether on basic income or animal protection, social insurance or basic rights, citizens’ initiatives give the people a voice both in Switzerland and in the EU. What Switzerland and Europe have in common – and where they differ Whether on basic income or animal protection,...
Maria Celeste Petrini
The European Citizens’ Initiative (ECI) shows a very poor track record of success: Since becoming operational in 2012, only three out of 56 presented ECIs finally reached the European Commission. Is there leeway to improve this rate of success? Maria Celeste Petrini, a PhD...
The campaigners meet with MEPs in Strasbourg on 28 October
Im Februar 2016 hat die EU-Kommission bekannt gegeben, dass sie die Regeln der Europäischen Bürgerinitiative nicht verbessern wird. Damit widersetzt sich die Kommission der Forderung des Euroäischen Parlaments und von tausenden von EU-Bürgern, die eine Reform des einzigen...



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